Bespoke Provides Kent Residential Hire

Having a party at your house?

Bespoke Hire are Here to help!


Here at Bespoke Hire, we provide Residential Hire, this service was designed for the innocent party planner to help you create and enjoy a great party at your house. Bespoke Hire can provide every technical aspect of your party. Such as Garden Lighting, Fairy Light Structures, Disco Lights, Sound Systems, DIY iPod Party Packages, Bubble Machines, Smoke Machines and much more.

Our services have been used for many years for events such as Pool Partys, BBQ’s, Marquee Weddings, Birthday Parties just about every party that requires more than just an iPad playing your best party playlist.

Our garden lighting adds a great wow factor for your guests, our team of lighting technicians are able to install led lighting fixtures to your garden space to illuminate trees and features in your garden. We have temporarily installed hundreds of garden parties in Kent with led lighting.

Our sound systems are great for the party animals of the party planning world. we can cater for up to 10,000 punters at a festival so if we cant find a sound system that is right for your party then we must be doing something wrong. Bespoke Hire can provide every type of media connection to ensure that your playback devices such as iPods and iPads are able to connect.